Decisions around surgical treatments are inherently stressful. Dr Koutroumanos  believes that patients should not feel under any pressure and to ease the process, he and his team ensure complete transparency on the fees associated with treatment. Please do not hesitate to ask if you require any further clarification.

Fee: £250


What happens during the initial consultation?

Your first appointment with Dr Koutroumanos will centre on a thorough discussion of your specific wishes, concerns and expectations. They are of the utmost importance to determining and defining outcomes, and how they can be safely achieved..

Following a detailed discussion of your medical history, Dr Koutroumanos will make an ophthalmologic examination to assess the health of your eyes and their suitability for surgery, if this is relevant and advisable.

Clinical photographs will be taken as needed and all suitable and safe options for treatment will be explained. Occasionally, further tests such as blood investigations or scans (CT or MRI) may be required to help diagnose your condition.

Dr Koutroumanos will draw up a provisional plan for treatment, to be agreed with you. In the majority of cases he will provide you with written information and recommend you take time to consider your options before committing to a decision.

Well-informed, well-considered decision-making is central to Dr Koutroumanos’ philosophy, and he welcomes follow-up meetings or video calls to cover further questions and details.

Fee: £0

For self-funding patients, the cost of the first post-operative review is included in the surgical fee. Depending on the type of surgical treatment carried out, Dr Koutroumanos will meet you between 6 and 10 days after surgery to review the healing process and remove any sutures or bandages.

The review also presents an opportunity for further discussion and for you to raise any questions you might have. Patients should also feel free to contact Dr Koutroumanos’ office at any point before or after the review.



Follow-up Consultation Fee: £200

Before your consultation, please contact your insurer to check the terms of your policy, and the level and type of cover you have. Dr Koutroumanos is recognised by all major medical insurance companies, but it is possible that some insurers might not cover all fees incurred.

Fees are payable before or after your appointment and can be paid by direct bank transfer.

On occasion, tests (such as scans, tissue biopsy or visual field assessment) are required to aid the diagnosis of your condition or to make a treatment plan.

These will be carried out by the hospital, and the fees determined by the hospital will be charged separately, either to you (if self-funding) or to your private medical insurer.

Dr Koutroumanos’ team is always available to explain any such fees and help you with organising these tests.


The cost of different surgical procedures can vary widely, depending on their duration and complexity, and on the instrumentation and anaesthesia required. In the first instance, Dr Koutroumanos’ team will be pleased  to provide you with an initial estimate of the fees associated with the surgical procedure you are considering.

Following your consultation with Dr Koutroumanos, on request he will provide a full, detailed quote, specific to your case, for any surgery he considers appropriate to your needs.

Depending on the terms of your medical insurance, it is possible that that certain fees will not be covered by your insurer. As a general rule, private medical insurers do not cover treatments of cosmetic nature.

Dr Koutroumanos believes that patients should not feel under any pressure when making decisions concerning surgical treatments. To ease the process, he and his team ensure complete transparency on the fees associated with treatment. Please do not hesitate to ask if you require any further clarification.