These stories and testimonials are sent to us by patients of Dr Koutroumanos, to describe their experience and how their life has been changed for the better…

The care that our daughter (now aged four) has received from Nick over the past 18 months has been superb. She first saw him with a blocked tear duct problem and watery/gunky eye causing irritation and impaired vision. She had been passed around departments without treatment and been lost in the system a bit. Nick intervened to make sure she received the consultations and treatment she needed, carefully following up at each stage. He helped us to consider the options, including her twice having procedures under general anesthetic, with a successful outcome after six months with a Nunchaku tube inserted by her right eye. He quickly won over our daughter who was so relaxed she allowed him to remove the tube without any concern! He has been kind, patient, reassuring, and obviously his talent as a surgeon has been key to the outcome. We feel really lucky to have benefited from Nick's care and kindness - and our daughter's tribute is that "Dr Nick" is now a character in her playmobil games.

A worried mom, Hampstead, 18th May 2020

“Mr Koutroumanos took care of our 7 year old son after initial surgery for an eye injury. At every step of the way he inspired confidence in all of us, particularly in Tom, who let him remove the stitches where others failed. He always saw us as quickly as possible and when he felt a second operation was needed he reacted extremely quickly and decisively. His explanations were very clear and he took time to talk to me after surgery to reassure an anxious mum! We have nothing but praise for Mr Koutroumanos and are extremely grateful to have received such excellent care.”

Tom's Mom, 10th July 2019, Hampstead