These stories and testimonials are sent to us by patients of Dr Koutroumanos, to describe their experience and how their life has been changed for the better…

‘I researched online to find someone who combined ophthalmology with plastic surgery. From past skin cancer I realised that the tiny carcinoma next to my tear gland might have spread widely. I envisaged ending up with a large hole in my cheek. Literally the moment I found Dr Koutroumanos a weight lifted from my shoulders. From our initial consultation I felt supported and he explained in honest detail what the two-part operation would entail. First a colleague of his performed Mohs surgery to excise the BCC, removing much of the lower eyelid and all the tear duct. Dr Koutroumanos then repaired the considerable wound and inserted a tiny silicone tear duct stent. His work was so intricate and skilled that friends and family were amazed at how good my appearance was after only a matter of days. By week six it is already remarkable how little cosmetic difference there is between both eyes, scars have almost disappeared and the new tear duct functions. Nick is not only a master in his field but warm, reassuring and approachable. I wholeheartedly recommend him. Maureen

Maureen A. London, November 2021

I met Dr Koutroumanos after having had 29 unsuccessful surgeries due to a medical error during my birth . I started to develop problems with my lower eyelid and tear-duct so I needed to see a specialist in this matter. After seeing 2 Consultant Ophthalmologists my hopes of getting better were diminished as they did not listen or consulted me . Dr Koutroumanos was the first doctor in my 36 years of life who paid attention to my needs. I remember when I left his clinic I stopped on the corridor, shocked that someone finally paid attention and was so willing to help. His communication is absolutely brilliant. The day of my surgery arrived and after I was able to stand up I was looking for a mirror. Every time i have had surgery I have opened up the dressing to see the results and have been so disappointed. Well did not happen this time - as I  opened up the bandage and saw instantly the wonderful results that I had been waiting for for so long. I said wow and I started to cry, my tears celebrating a huge success, thanks to Dr K. Finally after 30 surgeries I am so happy  and so grateful for everything he has done for me . The surgery was successful thanks to this wonderful human being who despite his professionalism , skills and knowledge is a very empathetic , caring person. Dr K can feel your drama, pain without too many words. I have never met such a doctor in my life and I have had vast experience since my birth. I really  don't know how to thanks him enough. Five stars is not enough to express my gratitude. Thank you for changing my life, i finally see the light in the dark tunnel.

C.O. October 2021, London

Dr Koutroumanos is without doubt the best in his field. He genuinely cares about his patients every step of the way . I suffer with Graves’ disease which affected my eyes appearance significantly. However , I had 2 operations one for the upper lid to be lowered as it had became pulled back and for my lower lid which was dropping . Dr K not only got me looking back to my normal self again but the support he has even me emotionally on this difficult journey has been priceless. You really can trust what he tells you as his knowledge in ophthalmology is beyond extensive. He really is the best consultant any patient could wish for!

Aisha L, London, October 2021