These stories and testimonials are sent to us by patients of Dr Koutroumanos, to describe their experience and how their life has been changed for the better…

If I had to describe Dr Koutroumanos in three words they would be: a gentleman, a genius and a perfectionist.  

I had been considering upper eyelid surgery for some time, but didn't know who to trust with it. I wanted an oculoplastic surgeon specialising in eyelid surgery rather than a general cosmetic surgeon. After the initial consultation I felt very confident in my choice. I found Dr Koutroumanos on the St. John's and St Elizabeth's hospital website.  Having been impressed by his experience and his resume I made an appointment for a consultation.   From my first visit to see him until the present time I have been so pleased and so happy to have chosen him.  The operation was performed under local anaesthetic, I felt absolutely no discomfort and no pain during or after the operation.  My bruises were minimal and my eyelids looked great a week after surgery.  My friends and family were astonished at the results and how amazing they were.  I cannot thank Dr Koutroumanos enough. If I was to do this procedure again I would only choose him.  My eyes look so young and now applying makeup is not an effort but so flattering. 

I highly recommend him . You will be in the hands of a professional and a talented surgeon you can trust implicitly.  Like I said he is a genius! 

It’s only 6 weeks after my operation and I just want to thank Dr Koutromanous and his team for the excellent results and also thank his lovely secretary Elaine for being so kind and approachable throughout.  

My Blepharoplasty Story - Sheyda, London February 2022

I spent months researching ophthalmologists to fix my ptosis before I picked Dr Koutroumanos - and I’m extremely grateful that I did.
I had congenital ptosis in my right eye -  only a few millimetres, but something that disproportionately affected my confidence - I often felt like my face wasn’t projecting what I thought it was - for example, seeming bored/tired when I wasn’t. Given that the change needed was only in the millimetres (and considering  the general importance of eyes!) I was especially keen that I find someone who could create a subtle, natural effect.
The entire process was great. I left the first consultation feeling reassured and confident and had a comfortable pre- and post-op experience where everyone I encountered (Dr Koutroumanos, nurses, anaesthesiologist, hospital staff) were supportive and incredibly friendly. Dr Koutroumanos got in touch several times after the procedure to check how I was doing which went a long way in putting any post-op worries at bay. 
My eyelid looks absolutely fantastic now.  I thought this would be something I would keep quiet but actually I can’t help but tell everyone I know about the surgery and show them before and after photos! I look much more symmetrical, less tired (and my face now shows the expression I’m trying to show!)- but still exactly like me, which is exactly what I wanted.
I’ve also experienced a huge reduction in tired eyes and headaches - these are things I never attributed to my asymmetrical eyelids (I just thought I had ‘sensitive eyes’) but after years of unconscious straining to open my eye wider it was a welcome relief. 
It may be a very small, subtle alteration, but its a beautiful one and my confidence has skyrocketed - I would recommend Dr Koutroumanos to everyone and anyone who wants the same.

Maddy's Journey, January 2022

‘I researched online to find someone who combined ophthalmology with plastic surgery. From past skin cancer I realised that the tiny carcinoma next to my tear gland might have spread widely. I envisaged ending up with a large hole in my cheek. Literally the moment I found Dr Koutroumanos a weight lifted from my shoulders. From our initial consultation I felt supported and he explained in honest detail what the two-part operation would entail. First a colleague of his performed Mohs surgery to excise the BCC, removing much of the lower eyelid and all the tear duct. Dr Koutroumanos then repaired the considerable wound and inserted a tiny silicone tear duct stent. His work was so intricate and skilled that friends and family were amazed at how good my appearance was after only a matter of days. By week six it is already remarkable how little cosmetic difference there is between both eyes, scars have almost disappeared and the new tear duct functions. Nick is not only a master in his field but warm, reassuring and approachable. I wholeheartedly recommend him. Maureen

Maureen A. London, November 2021