S. P., London, 29th May 2021

When I found Mr Koutroumanos I had already endured a year of issues with several lesions around my eyes, bad surgeries and constant worry. The psychological impact is hard for people to understand unless they’ve experienced it. Having thought you’ve found experts to operate on you then realising they haven’t performed with the necessary care or knowledge is unnerving. I have probably been a pain to deal with at times but Mr Koutroumanos has restored my faith in the medical profession, he’s been unwaveringly supportive and kind, he operated on a cyst under my eye with the most meticulous precision and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone in need of a good occuloplastic surgeon. Too many surgeons in this field seem to be risk adverse unless there is a large sum of money attached and unwilling or unable to perform smaller surgeries. Some of the biggest names in this field are extremely profit driven and unsympathetic, Mr Koutroumanos is a very marked exception. A true gentleman and exceptional surgeon.