Maddy’s Journey, January 2022

I spent months researching ophthalmologists to fix my ptosis before I picked Dr Koutroumanos – and I’m extremely grateful that I did.
I had congenital ptosis in my right eye –  only a few millimetres, but something that disproportionately affected my confidence – I often felt like my face wasn’t projecting what I thought it was – for example, seeming bored/tired when I wasn’t. Given that the change needed was only in the millimetres (and considering  the general importance of eyes!) I was especially keen that I find someone who could create a subtle, natural effect.
The entire process was great. I left the first consultation feeling reassured and confident and had a comfortable pre- and post-op experience where everyone I encountered (Dr Koutroumanos, nurses, anaesthesiologist, hospital staff) were supportive and incredibly friendly. Dr Koutroumanos got in touch several times after the procedure to check how I was doing which went a long way in putting any post-op worries at bay. 
My eyelid looks absolutely fantastic now.  I thought this would be something I would keep quiet but actually I can’t help but tell everyone I know about the surgery and show them before and after photos! I look much more symmetrical, less tired (and my face now shows the expression I’m trying to show!)- but still exactly like me, which is exactly what I wanted.
I’ve also experienced a huge reduction in tired eyes and headaches – these are things I never attributed to my asymmetrical eyelids (I just thought I had ‘sensitive eyes’) but after years of unconscious straining to open my eye wider it was a welcome relief. 
It may be a very small, subtle alteration, but its a beautiful one and my confidence has skyrocketed – I would recommend Dr Koutroumanos to everyone and anyone who wants the same.