C.O. October 2021, London

I met Dr Koutroumanos after having had 29 unsuccessful surgeries due to a medical error during my birth . I started to develop problems with my lower eyelid and tear-duct so I needed to see a specialist in this matter. After seeing 2 Consultant Ophthalmologists my hopes of getting better were diminished as they did not listen or consulted me .
Dr Koutroumanos was the first doctor in my 36 years of life who paid attention to my needs. I remember when I left his clinic I stopped on the corridor, shocked that someone finally paid attention and was so willing to help. His communication is absolutely brilliant.
The day of my surgery arrived and after I was able to stand up I was looking for a mirror. Every time i have had surgery I have opened up the dressing to see the results and have been so disappointed. Well did not happen this time – as I  opened up the bandage and saw instantly the wonderful results that I had been waiting for for so long. I said wow and I started to cry, my tears celebrating a huge success, thanks to Dr K. Finally after 30 surgeries I am so happy  and so grateful for everything he has done for me . The surgery was successful thanks to this wonderful human being who despite his professionalism , skills and knowledge is a very empathetic , caring person. Dr K can feel your drama, pain without too many words. I have never met such a doctor in my life and I have had vast experience since my birth. I really  don’t know how to thanks him enough. Five stars is not enough to express my gratitude. Thank you for changing my life, i finally see the light in the dark tunnel.