Alex’s Mom, London, 20th February 2020

Our 3-year-old son, Alex, was referred to Mr. Nick Koutroumanos for congenital upper eyelid ptosis (i.e., droopy eyelids). His eyelids were drooping lower and Alex compensated by developing an abnormal head tilt to see better. Since our first appointment, Nick has always taken the time to answer our questions (we ask MANY questions) and he carefully weighed the best treatment options for Alex. Alex needed surgery on both of his eyelids and the decisions made at every step of the process felt like a partnership with Nick. We are very happy with the results of the surgeries. Especially post-op, we very much appreciate his vigilance to ensure Alex’s eyelids are healing properly. Alex’s field of vision has improved dramatically and he no longer has an abnormal head tilt. He’s more confident and adventurous, as well. Nick has a wonderful way with Alex. He’s incredibly warm, patient and understanding given Alex’s limited attention span. My son looks forward to his follow up appointments – he loves going to see Nick. Physician referrals can feel like the luck of the draw, but we feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have Alex under Nick’s expert and compassionate care.