Eyelid Retraction

Thyroid eye disease, previous unsuccessful eyelid surgery, trauma or sometimes simply the effect of ageing and gravity on the cheek area of the face can all result in retraction of the eyelid.

This can cause a range of symptoms, including dry eyes, tearing or a disagreeable loss of symmetry.

What is the treatment for eyelid retraction?

Treatment for eyelid retraction is almost always surgical and in the vast majority of cases performed by scarless techniques.

Surgery is usually carried out under local anaesthesia and always in a day case setting.

Will there be any scarring after eyelid retraction surgery?

At ClinicLoop, upper eyelid retraction is managed by internal approach, meaning that no cut is made on the skin’s surface, thus resulting in shorter downtime and no scarring.

For the exact same reasons, lower eyelid retraction is also managed by internal approach, with the notable exception of some cases of severe retraction due to previous poorly performed non-specialist aesthetic surgery where more skin has been removed than appropriate, necessitating skin grafting.

Once a detailed functional, anatomical and aesthetic assessment is carried out, your surgeon will explain the mechanism of the problem, the most appropriate treatment strategy and most importantly, what you can expect in terms of recovery and success rates.

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