Ectropion & Entropion

In order for the eyelid to function properly as the wiper of the eye and for it to protect the eye’s surface from exposure and subsequent dryness, it is vital that it maintains an extremely precise position and movement across the eye’s surface.

This position relies on a complex mechanical system of muscles and ligaments which after millions of blinks in our lifetime, tends to wear off.

Beyond the passage of time, injuries, burns and even poorly executed previous surgery can all lead to eyelid malpositions.

How does ectropion present?

An out-turning eyelid, or ectropion, will present with a tearing eye and may in more advanced cases lead to redness and irritation on the lining of the lower lid.

A severe lower eyelid ectropion will also cause pain and can lead to sight-threatening eye dryness.

How does entropion present?

An in-turning eyelid, or entropion, a more acute problem, caused by an inward turn of the eyelid’s edge will bring the coarse eyelashes and meibomian glands into contact with the eye’s surface, resulting in pain, watering, a red eye and a more acute risk of infections and sight loss.

Symptoms can present fairly acutely or slowly over weeks or months.

When identified, an entropion will almost always require surgical correction, though in some cases precise application of Botox (BOTnA) can appropriately reposition the eyelid.

How are eyelid malpositions treated?

Eyelid malpositions result from a variety of causes and mechanisms, each of which must be specifically repaired if surgery is to be successful.

Though this type of eyelid surgery was in the past performed by general eye surgeons, it is nowadays appreciated that it should only by managed by specialist oculoplastic teams.

What does eyelid repair surgery entail?

Such eyelid repair surgery is always carried out as day case surgery and in the majority of cases under light sedation or numbing anaesthesia alone.

All entropion or ectropion surgery carried out at ClinicLoop, in adults or children is performed using scarless techniques.

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