Eyelid Lumps & Growths

Due to its complex function, the skin around our eyes is full of specialised glands all of which can and do occasionally block, get infected or (thankfully) much more rarely develop into cancers.

How are eyelid lumps and growths treated?

The first step in the management of any eyelid growth is its assessment by a specialist, in order for an informed decision to be made as to whether and how it is safest to have the lump removed.

Thankfully, the majority of these growths are benign and the priority then lies with ensuring (a) its scarless removal and healing and (b) that the growth does not recur.

Depending on one’s wishes and schedule, our office will organise a one-stop treatment visit or a clinical assessment followed by planned treatment on a second visit. Depending on the presence or not of suspicious characteristics on an eyelid lump, laboratory analysis of the removed growth is sometimes indicated.

This will only be organised following a discussion with your surgeon.

Will there be scarring after eyelid lump removal?

The majority of eyelid lumps and bumps can be safely and definitely removed by minor surgery in the office, with very little downtime. Unless otherwise advised, a scarless technique will be used.

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